Best Freebie of all Time

I was browsing through Ulta’s site just to see the variety of brands available, as well as their pricing. I have been to Ulta many times before but always looking for the same drug store brands I can find at Target.

After looking around their site, I noticed they were running a promotion where when you spend $20 you get a 14 piece set of make up for FREE! What?! I started looking at the pictures for the promo and realized… these were FULL SIZED items. Not the little travel or trial sized ones. The total value of the bag was $88… that I get for FREE! How could I pass this up?

IMG_3774.jpgI quickly realized that this promo was only good with the purchase of Ulta Beauty products. Keeping to that brand I easily found items to add to my collection. One of the items was a pedicure kit. A great 4 piece interchangeable set for getting salon soft feet, at home. The second thing I got was small beauty blenders. These are great for working under the eyes for concealer. The last is another sharpener, I ordered this when I thought my Benefit order was lost.

Inside the Free kit, I got a cute mint travel bag, the other option was lavender. Inside the bag was:IMG_3776.jpg

Full size Volumizing Mascara
Full size Matte Lip gloss
Full size Lip Stick
Full size Brow pencil and brow brush
Dual ended eye liner
3 Make-Up brushes
Face Primer
Nail Polish
15 Make Up remover pads
Eyeshadow Palette
Contour/ Highlight compact

Another reason to sign up for email notifications from your favorite companies. Taking advantage of these types of promos are effortless! By making a purchase of items I was needing to buy, and reaching a small total I was greatly rewarded!

I am also excited because I got a gift card as well as a coupon for my next purchase; which I made while the promo was still running and I am waiting for my second bag! Excited to see if the products are IDENTICAL or if there is slight variation in the color choices.

Did you take advantage of this AWESOME promo? Do you know of any good promos?  Have you ever scored one this big?

Have a Beauty-FULL day!



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