The Benefit to Benefit Cosmetics

A slightly goofy and definitely not your traditional make-up company. I found great products, but many of them were WAY out of my price range. I looked and debated over their sale items. But came to the conclusion that this makeup is more than I want to spend for an extreme beginner. I don’t do full glam make up on the daily, and I would rather stick to cheaper make up especially when experimenting.

I did however make a small purchase, a whopping $5 on a pencil sharpener. Big spender, I know. I wanted to try some of their samples for a few reasons.IMG_3760.jpg

A. Many of the vloggers I follow have used & reviewed Benefit products.
B. Same said vloggers use Benefit products on the daily
C. Those products have then shown up in their Favorites and Empties videos.

Since Benefit gives you the benefit of trying samples with the purchase, and I needed a eye liner pencil sharpener, it worked out to be a win-win situation. I was able to try the products that I wanted.

Because this company is a little more pricey that I like to spend, I may not be able to try many of their products, but if I like these samples, I may be willing to try them in a full size.

Have you purchased from Benefit? Are the products worth the price? Anything you would highly recommend?

Have a Beauty-Full day!




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