NYX Picks

Do you have one of those brands that you hate to love. For me it’s NYX. I consider NYX and in between brand, not necessarily high end, but not the cheapest on the market-let me explain. I love this brand because:

A. I can still find it at my local drug store and Target
B. Its not too expensive
C. It offers a great variety of items

Eyeliner is one of my staple make-up items. It is part of my everyday routine and when I don’t wear it I feel unfinished. NYX is one of my favorite brands to wear for eyeliner. From the easy to apply liquid eyeliner, the color pop pencil and even the soft crayon. The array of colors and styles make it easy to find one that anyone will love. These are two of my newest favorites, and some of my favorites thus far! IMG_3750.jpg

I have all 3 styles, in a few different colors of course! I am usually drawn to a purple or plum of some sorts because it makes my hazel eyes green. But I also like their bronze liner too. Sometimes I don’t want a harsh black liner, and this bronze one is a great subtle liner that adds some shimmer.

Another NYX product that I love, and have only recently started to use is the Matte Make-up Finishing Spray. A light mist that you spray after completed foundation and it helps keep oil and shine under control. I’ll admit that I sometimes use this alone, with no foundation or even a tinted moisturizer. It feels nice and refreshing and helps keep my face a nice matte finish! I am still trying to figure out the perfect distance and number of sprays that is right for my face and make-up routine. I have accidentally sprayed too much and as a result have melt-y looking make-up.

I ordered my products from Ulta online, and yet again received free samples with my purchase. I chose for them to surprise me. When I got my package I was excited to see a hair care set from L’oreal Paris! The other sample I got was from Skin & Co and is a exfoliating body gel! I am excited to try both of them.

What product do you like most from NXY? What type of eyeliner is your favorite style and color? Have you tried either of the samples I received?

Have a Beauty-FULL day!



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