bareMinerals Packs a Punch

A familiar brand that has had infomercials for years, I have seen it in many stores, but for the first time made its way into my makeup kit. Products full of things that are great for your skin, and are light enough for everyday wear, sounded great!  IMG_3702

I looked at their website for a few days, overwhelmed by the amount of product and not knowing what to buy I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try bold lipsticks.

I am not a bold lip kind of girl, or really one that wears any sort of color on my lips. I usually stick to Chapstick and when I feel adventurous, lip gloss.

They had this great set of 5. They all can come out and be placed into the small travel case, and it also came with a brush!

Very impressed with the creaminess of all the lipsticks, and I’m in love with the colors. Maybe come fall I will be bold enough to try the darkest shade, but for now I will stick to the semi neutral shades. All of the lipsticks are removable so you can interchange which is in the small compact, great for traveling or throwing into a bag.

Wearing the lipstick is easy, they are moisturizing without being sticky. Bold colors, without having to layer on the lipstick, and it lasts… I don’t feel like I have to reapply it after a meal or taking a sip of water.Great for everyday wear, but can be dressed up for a nice event.

IMG_3703Another company that sends FREE samples with your purchase! YAY! So with this purchase I picked a 3 step face set. Something I am interested in trying, but also a little nervous due to my sensitive skin. Again I’m not sure how often they switch out the sample options, but it’s still really cool that you can try a new product for free!

Have you tried any of their mineral face products? Is there a product of theirs that is your favorite and is a must try?

Have a Beauty-FULL day!


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