Perfectly Plum

My first purchase from Smashbox, and I am BEYOND impressed. First impression was that they sent a large box for the small item I had purchased. After over excitedly ripping IMG_3697.jpgopen the box, I was surprisingly impressed with the amount of care that went into packing this. Layers of tissue paper, probably 20+ pieces, were wrapped around my product. When I opened the box that my eye shadow was in, there was even more tissue paper around the small palate, nothing was broken, the eye shadow was fully intact with not even a small chip, pretty impressive for coming via mail.

I was super excited to get a set of 3 eye shadow colors in the light purple color family. I have hazel eyes and when I wear purple around my eyes, they look green! The palette was smaller than what I expected, but still decent for the amount I paid for them.

I loved the colors because you could wear all 3 together to create a smokey eye, or wear them alone and still create a great look. Doing my first swatch, I loved how easily the colorIMG_3698 transferred and how few layers I had to apply to get the color I wanted. The purples are great for year round wear and not too bold like many of the other purples I have tired.

The eye shadow set also came with its own small brush, and not one of those little foam tipped ones that I hate, but a legit brush. Great for traveling or keeping in a purse! Soft bristles and a great size for applying the eye shadow.

Along with this purchase, I got 2 free samples. Something that Smashbox does with every online purchase. With my purchase I got an Insta-Matte, it will turn any lipstick matte. I also got a pore minimizing primer. I am not sure how often they change or what the kind of selections they give, but here are the two I got. I have yet to try either product, but am anxious to!


Overall, I am very pleased with Smashbox. They take great care when shipping your products and ensuring that nothing gets broken. Along with supplying you a great product itself. I will definitely be checking out more of their products!

What is your favorite Smashbox product? Is there one that you continually repurchase? Any recommendations for products to try?

Have a Beauty-FULL Day!



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